Hey Baby

Hey Baby is one woman's story of pregnancy, birth, and the earliest days of motherhood. Told in simple comic illustrations and peppered with humor and suspense, Hey Baby is easily accessible to those who have given birth themselves, or have never set foot near a baby. Every woman's birth story is unique, and Hey Baby is no exception! (92 pgs, black and white, softcover)

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What people are saying about Hey Baby:

“Lovely, hilarious, and honest. I have thoroughly enjoyed and related to these.” - Avril

“I love your honest, vulnerable, heart-wrenching portrayal of birth. It's beautiful and bittersweet and everything that's real and right in the world.” - Jillian Maeve

“This is going to be such a good resource for pregnant women and those who want to support them.” Mollye

“With our little one coming soon these have been therapeutic” - Desiree

“These are continuously fascinating.” - Beth

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Hey Baby was self-published with funding from Kickstarter supporters. Read more about that process on the blog!