If you missed my last comic, you can catch it here. Again, I'm not intending to write a long and drawn out political comic here, but like a lot of people, this is where my mind is at these days. We're getting into fear. It's gonna be good.


Look. This is not the comic I thought I would be drawing today. Or ever. It's true, I've been wanting to begin a series of comics on fear for a number of months now, but haven't known how to begin. This intro surprises me, but now that this has happened I think it would be dishonest of me to open on any other note. 

That said, I don't intend to make this a political comic. I don't like DT and didn't vote for him, and I am scared of what he represents. I imagine I'll get into some of that, but I want to explore fear on a broader level. How our fears take root, how they color and shape our experiences, and how we might, ultimately, begin to release them (or in some cases, learn to live with them). I really do want to talk about my fears surrounding birth. Death. Donald Trump. Fear itself. And I have to admit - I'm pretty afraid just to dig into this topic. Which is exactly why I have to do it. Thanks for reading, as always.


Almost to the end of these summer comics! I've got an idea I'm working on for some new ones though, so stay tuned :)


Speaking of church, ours is presenting the Portland Arts Forum at Juliet Zulu this Friday evening, and I'm going to be one of the panelists! If you're in or near Portland and interested in checking it out, please do! Here be the details.


Well, we did have someone come, and no less than 5 different arborists told us we need to lose our ancient maples that frame our front yard. :-( We haven't pulled the trigger yet so there's still time if you want to hide any of your treasures in the massive hollows, Boo Radley style. I'm sure Harvey would enjoy discovering them!

Also, thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night to the reading, that was fun and a good professional exercise for me! And thanks of course to Books with Pictures for hosting, you are a rising star in the comic shop world, I just know it!


This comic is also about 6 weeks old, and I'd like to clarify that I haven't had ice cream in like a MONTH. Although I did make these raw vegan brownies this week and I can't stop eating them! 


Oh, of course it's going to be fun! By now I've gotten past (most of) the second guessingy feelings and am back to being excited. Books with Pictures is a rad new woman-friendly comics shop, and I'm really pumped that they are letting me read from my book there! I'll be doing a signing too, which, if you got your book from Kickstarter it's already been signed, but I can sign your arm or forehead or something cool. 

Here are the details: 

Hey Baby Reading at Books With Pictures (1100 SE Division St, PDX)
Saturday, Sept 24, 7-9 pm

Portlander Breena Bard’s cartoon memoir about pregnancy and childbirth has been a hit since she brought it into the store. Come hear about her Kickstarter-funded project, and how her life as an artist interacted with her life as a pregnant person… And now, as a mom!


I know, there will be a lot of broken hearts ahead of us. Sigh. But, also so many joyful happy moments! Like when this kid decides it's time to give kisses in bulk. Or the way he head-bangs to any kind of music, even the coffee grinder or dishwasher (his dad's hardcore influence, I'm sure.) Or the way he goes into this zen trance anytime we're outside, just soaking in every speck of nature in those moments. And then goes crazy and tries to eat the flowers. There's far more happy than sad. But the sad... man, it can really crush a mom! 

Okay! If you like comics like these, check out my book Hey Baby which is available in my store, or also now at the Multnomah County Library! Happy!