I. Have. BIG. NEWS.

Earlier this year I entered a contest. Was it a pie eating contest? No. A dress-your-cat-like-Madonna contest? No (but if something like that exists, sign me up.) A contest where you come up with names for fake contests?? NO!

It was the "Get Published by Graphix" contest, as in Graphix, the graphic novel and comics arm of Scholastic! Up to five winners would be selected, and those winners would be offered publishing contracts for their submission. With a hope and a prayer, I submitted Trespassers, my middle grade graphic novel about unlikely friends solving a lake house mystery. I won't say I forgot that I entered, but I WAS surprised to get an email a few months later saying that... I won! So, without dragging it out any longer, Trespassers will be published by Scholastic/Graphix/ in Spring of 2020!

Somebody pinch me. 

You can get the full scoop here!