Oh, of course it's going to be fun! By now I've gotten past (most of) the second guessingy feelings and am back to being excited. Books with Pictures is a rad new woman-friendly comics shop, and I'm really pumped that they are letting me read from my book there! I'll be doing a signing too, which, if you got your book from Kickstarter it's already been signed, but I can sign your arm or forehead or something cool. 

Here are the details: 

Hey Baby Reading at Books With Pictures (1100 SE Division St, PDX)
Saturday, Sept 24, 7-9 pm

Portlander Breena Bard’s cartoon memoir about pregnancy and childbirth has been a hit since she brought it into the store. Come hear about her Kickstarter-funded project, and how her life as an artist interacted with her life as a pregnant person… And now, as a mom!