As you may know, these comics are on about a 6 week delay, which is to say, the above-mentioned trip has already come and gone, and I can give you Harvey's official report card:

Harvey's Flying Report Card:
Sitting still: D
Being quiet: C-
Falling asleep: D+
Peeing through his diaper onto his mom's clothes so mom and dad try to secretly change him in the seat so they don't have to get up and go to the airplane bathroom but the flight attendant sees them and gives them a mild scolding: A
Being the cutest little stinker despite it all: A++

That's right, no F's! I'm saving that grade for a TRULY terrible flight. This one was just about as miserable as you'd expect. Besides, my perspective on babies on planes is that they are just expressing the way ALL of us feel, except they haven't been trained to push all those feelings deep down inside.

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