Hello! The year is 2015. If you read anything previous to this post, though you'll start to see dates that look more like 2007. That's because I'm back-blogging a little bit. It's mostly for my own purposes (it's scary to start a new blog, just like it's scary to draw in the first page of a new sketchbook) but maybe you'll find it interesting too. I did my best to curate the most intersting (unique? creative? bizarre?) content, and filtered out all (okay, most) of the weirdly personal stuff I felt entitled to share with the internet public back in the aughts. Eventually I'll work my way back to the most recent posts from my last blog, and it will look like a seamless collection. I might even dig up some REAL old content from my 2003-era Xanga days. Oh boy! Sound good? Good! 

My goal for this blog is to be a bit more professional, maybe even a little informative, while still being entertaining. I hope to write more about my process as a cartoonist, writer and illustrator. I hope to share details of various projects as I move along, especially since the final products can be years apart (when the product is a graphic novel, specifically!) I'll also try my best to be brief, because no one wants to read much more than 140 characters anymore. That's fine. I don't want to write that much anyway!

That said, I've got drawings to draw, and you do too. Let's get busy!