Something else that's new.


UPDATE: That's a wrap on the first installment, be it chapter 1, episode 1, or the first issue of a new mini-comic, we'll see! 


Maybe this was just a fun exercise, or maybe it's the start of a new, occasionally updated story. It's a bit personal, and at some future point I'll explain it, but it feels nice to work on something very simple (ink to page, no pencils), outside of my major graphic novel project and similarly occasional diary-comics.  

Speaking of those, I've been posting a few new ones on my instagram (@breenabardcomics) and am trying to keep working that muscle at least once in a while. I'll put them up here too when I get some extra time!


I. Have. BIG. NEWS.

Earlier this year I entered a contest. Was it a pie eating contest? No. A dress-your-cat-like-Madonna contest? No (but if something like that exists, sign me up.) A contest where you come up with names for fake contests?? NO!

It was the "Get Published by Graphix" contest, as in Graphix, the graphic novel and comics arm of Scholastic! Up to five winners would be selected, and those winners would be offered publishing contracts for their submission. With a hope and a prayer, I submitted Trespassers, my middle grade graphic novel about unlikely friends solving a lake house mystery. I won't say I forgot that I entered, but I WAS surprised to get an email a few months later saying that... I won! So, without dragging it out any longer, Trespassers will be published by Scholastic/Graphix/ in Spring of 2020!

Somebody pinch me. 

You can get the full scoop here!



Happy Valentines Day to all you sweet hearts wrapped up inside bodies, but especially to my sweetheart, Zech. And come on, is this not a more accurate celebrity doppleganger? (I know it is, because when I showed it to Harvey he said, "Daddy!")



This is the abridged conversation... missing are the bits about Enya, which was his second guess. I'm starting to think I could do an entire spin-off comic about the awkward conversations I have at the dentist office. Although I'm really glad I went against my original podcast choice, which would have required me explaining to him the Babysitters Club CLUB.


If you missed my last comic, you can catch it here. Again, I'm not intending to write a long and drawn out political comic here, but like a lot of people, this is where my mind is at these days. We're getting into fear. It's gonna be good.


Look. This is not the comic I thought I would be drawing today. Or ever. It's true, I've been wanting to begin a series of comics on fear for a number of months now, but haven't known how to begin. This intro surprises me, but now that this has happened I think it would be dishonest of me to open on any other note. 

That said, I don't intend to make this a political comic. I don't like DT and didn't vote for him, and I am scared of what he represents. I imagine I'll get into some of that, but I want to explore fear on a broader level. How our fears take root, how they color and shape our experiences, and how we might, ultimately, begin to release them (or in some cases, learn to live with them). I really do want to talk about my fears surrounding birth. Death. Donald Trump. Fear itself. And I have to admit - I'm pretty afraid just to dig into this topic. Which is exactly why I have to do it. Thanks for reading, as always.