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Breena Bard is a cartoon-lady who draws cartoons.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Breena moved to Portland, Oregon in the late ‘aughts to chase her dream of writing and illustrating graphic novels. Her first self-titled book Picket Line was funded by a Xeric Grant in 2011. In 2016 she self-published a collection of memoir comics called Hey Baby, which is the story of her pregnancy and birth of her first child. In 2017 she won the “Get Published by Graphix” contest, and her debut middle grade graphic novel Trespassers is slated for release in spring 2020 on Scholastic/Graphix!

Breena Bard currently lives in Portland with her husband Zech, their two kids, and their kitty cat Charles Bullock. He is a fine and handsome cat, but very scared of the children, and sometimes he bites.