Sometimes you just want to work with your friends!

13 Panels is a collaborative comic project I launched in February, 2015. After drawing 13 panels of artwork, complete except for the words, I posted them with a challenge. Who would dare to write the story? I put out a call for submissions and shortly received 8 incredible pieces of fiction, some hilarious, some profound, each with the unique voice of their authors. I  added their words in (and drew an additional panel for the few who took me up on my offer) and posted them to the world. Below are links to each story. 

13 Panels:

"Trail Angels" by Aaron Small
"Excellent Service" by Beth Fujiura
"Not Nothing" by Dharma Indurthy
"Robots Are People Too: A Love Story?" by Graham Murtaugh
"Consequences" by Molly Ann Magestro
"Identity" by Mollye Glennen
"I Don't Like Fancy" by Ted Thieman
"The Lottery" by Zech Bard